Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A little update!

This last month has been a bit of a whirl wind and I regret not being able to update you on more things- however, there has not been a ton to update you on! =0)

But since moving to Amealco, I have found a house! It is not move in ready yet but hopefully soon. We are actually going to go see the progress this afternoon! It is a beautiful house on probably more than 2 acres of land. Perfect for interns and groups. It also has a separate building for parties and ministry! It is a few blocks from the center of town and the local University. Perfect set up for me. 

Please be praying that the house will be ready sooner rather than later! 

I am also frantically getting ready for my trip to Nebraska in a week and a half! Id love to see you all, if you are around!

I have also spent much time praying, thinking, dreaming and planning for future ministry opportunities here. You will be hearing all about that soon!

For now, continue to pray for housing situation and the future ministries in Amealco!


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Made it!

Today is a cold and dreary day in Amealco. I am, however, very glad it was not like this on Wednesday when I got here.

Happy to report that the day I came up here it was great weather! We were able to pack up the truck in less than 2 hours and then on the road. The moving truck got here about two hours after I arrived here and unloaded in a room of the church here. I think they were a little shocked about how far out this place was!

My stuff will remain in that room and my dog and I will be rooming in one of their cabin like areas until we can find a house. Yes, we thought we had one, but it fell through... so back to the drawing board! My guess is that we will have something lined up by the time I get back from Nebraska mid September.

Things have been low key the last couple days, which is exactly what i wanted to happen!

I am enjoying some down time, but can't wait to have a house and actually settle in.

Friday, 29 July 2016


Can you believe I have been in Mexico FIVE YEARS?

I can't. In one way it seems like it was just yesterday I moved to Ixtapaluca and in other ways it feels like a whole lot longer! Either way... five years is something to be celebrated!

And five years to the DAY that I moved to Ixtapaluca I will be moving on. Moving to a town called Amealco about 3 1/2 hours north of here. You can read about it here. 

Anyways, every year I have made a book about the year... if you would like to see this years... go here! 

I am thankful for everything that has done in me, through me, and despite me I am also very excited to excited to see what the future holds!

The next blog... will be in a new location! Please pray for the next couple days as I finish up packing, say all my goodbyes, load the truck on Wednesday morning and travel to Amealco.

I will be living with another missionary family for a bit. I do have a house, its just not ready for me to move in yet! But, there is PLENTY of room for all of you that want to visit!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Vista Fellowship

I had the magnificent privilege of hosting Vista Fellowship for the last two weeks. It was a great time of serving God in many different areas. They served in the orphanage, in the community center, in the shelter, in the church... and even got to visit where i will be living next!

I thank them for investing in what God is doing in Mexico!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

So far in June...

It has been a couple weeks since I updated for the summer... but here ya go =)

Since the end of May I received a couple Moody ESL interns. They are doing their Camino Global summer internship for school credit. They are required to teach tons and tons of English. The last two weeks we have been working hard to push through and get hours done.

They are teaching in a local junior high right in front of my house in the mornings and are LOVING it! They come home every day with great stories! Please pray for them as they have the unique opportunity to share the Love of God with hundreds of junior high students! They are also teaching two nights a week at the community center in Palmas and the orphanage.

This last week Rod had a group from Mount Calvary. Every time we have a group we get to do things we can't do on our own... and love every minute. I was sad that I couldn't spend more time with this fabulous group but treasured time spent with them and the conversations that were had.

A highlight of the week were the number of wheelchairs and hearing aids we were able to hand out! I never get tired of seeing the faces of the recipients and their loved ones when they get the gift of mobility or a little freedom from whatever handicap they deal with daily. Of course, they also hear the Gospel and how God is the one that can heal you spiritually which will impact your eternity.

We also had yet another soccer tournament last weekend. Maybe the last one in Palmas because of new rules and regulations that have been put into place that make it hard for us (Christians) to do what we want. However, fun was had by all AND Jonathan told the short version of his testimony of being in jail and what God did through that.

This next week will be tons more english hours before a two week group from Indiana gets here. That group is going to spend a ton of time at the orphanage, teaching classes, seeing the sites and sounds of mexico city, eating tacos and seeing where I will be moving to in August! I am excited for this wonderful group to come on down.

You can pray for us as we continue to have a busy summer and look forward to what God has in store!

Sunday, 29 May 2016


People are messy. And everywhere in life there are people. You can’t control
whether the young prostitute returns to sell her body. You can’t control the person that is corrupt and hurts you in some way, you can’t control the homeless man who just took your pesos and used it to buy alcohol and you can’t control those around you into making honoring decisions. But you can control your heart. Your response, and how you do it again, to risk it all and say yes to love

Love is such a beautiful thing. But loving others can lead to heartbreak. 

The simplicity of God is beautiful. The power of our meager yes to love … His massive heart to show up. Because we know love trumps the hurts. Always. 

When serving God with the love He can only give—- which can look like listening to the hearts of children who long for love or the elderly that have been abandoned by their families, or seeing what people do to survive, or knowing kids that were kidnapped, or seeing injustice and feeling your heart break for justice—- I have to rest in the fact He is good. Always. He is at work as I cling to his hand. With this I can breath. I can praise Him.

Processing injustice is a journey. A journey of “passing through the valley” but never remaining there. I pray that the people that pass through horrific situations, also pass through that valley and find Jesus and hope and laughter in the midst and on the other side.

And in moving forward, we (who choose to love) are laying the foundations of God’s goodness… waiting, while knowing, He keeps His promises.

“For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye 
has seen a God like you. Who works for those who wait 
for Him.” Isaiah 64:4

Thursday, 19 May 2016

First week and a half!

The first week and a half of the summer is already done, I can not believe it.

I have one Camino Global intern and a team of five people from Simpson University's Worldserve program.

We have had the opportunity to, several times, spend time with the elderly at the shelter... loving on them, praying with them, feeding them, changing diapers, doing crafts and projects. We have also had the privilege of serving the kiddos at the orphanage. Spending time making them feel loved and cherished, playing with them and giving lots of hugs!

After a dry spell with the classes in Palmas, we are also doing classes again that are being attended. Hip hop, guitar, english, crafts etc.

Oh, and a girls bible study.

IT has been a good time, I look forward to the next week and a half with these six people! Please be praying for us as we continue to serve the people of Mexico!